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        Zhejiang Realsun Chemical Co., Ltd. is a recycling enterprise and high-tech enterprise newly-established by Realsun Chemical Group, with a registered capital of CNY 81 million and a land of 60,725.54 square meters. Located in Linhai Park (a national base of China for chemical APIs) of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Realsun Chemical Co., Ltd now is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and trade of pharmaceutical and chemical products, with a manufacturing base in Leping City of Jiangxi Province....
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  • The safety industrial technology of using sodium in catalysis and synthesis
  • Chemical synthesis and industrial application of organolithium
  • Reactions at ultralow temperature, non-water/oxidizing conditions
  • Chemical synthesis of acetylene and acetylene in carbonylation
  • The industrial production of Cl chemicals and derivatives
  • Cyanidation & hydrogenation
  • Coupling engineering of Continuous ester hydrogenation and dehydrogenation
  • Continuous ester ammoniation reaction engineering
  • Clean production engineering and comprehensive utilization of by-product, circulation
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